1761 County Road 16, Eastons Corners, Ont.
   Between Merrickville and Jasper      613-283-1788

Tues. Oct. 19,  We are closed for a few days. 
We will post when we are open again.     

Old Fashioned McIntosh Apples
5 lbs, 1/4 bushel, 1/2 bushel, 1 bushel

                    Apple Cider  1 quart, 2 quart, gallon sizes.

We will press special large orders of fresh cider for wine and hard cider makers. When you bring your own carboy/buckets we'll take $1 off per 3.78L

                            Apple Jam,   Apple Cider Jelly

                     Deer Apples  you pick off the ground.

We accept cash, debit and credit.
We ask that you use the provided hand sanitizer and wear a mask when in the sales area in the barn.